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Follow the Rules When Staying in a Hostel


Staying in a hostel is known to offer a lot of fun, relaxing and a safe experience to all travelers. However, as good as it sounds, there are rules that need to be followed wherever you go to. Even staying in high-class hotels, the guests too need to maintain some form of dignity in order to maintain the rules of the hotel. Similarly, travelers need to understand the rules while staying in a hostel. If you’re wondering what exactly the rules are, these are few basic ones you should know about.

  • Keeping Silence – During the day, you can hand around a group of travelers or have a normal conversation with them. However, once it is bedtime, you need to maintain silence especially in the dorms. If you still wish to hangout or have a conversation, then you can do that at the common room.
  • Switching Off the Lights – After 10pm, most of the travelers are off to bed. However, if you wish to read a book or find your lost keys, then avoid switching on the lights and disturb others sleep. Instead, one of the best things to do is to use a flashlight to keep the room as dark as possible.
  • Clean the Toilet –Once you use the toilet, it is important to keep it clean after it is used. Make sure you do clean it and also tell your roommates to do the same in order to avoid any form of bad smells coming into your room and spreading across other traveler’s room as well.

These are some of the rules you need to follow during your stay in some of the best Canggu hostels in Bali.

Jerusalem- The Old City Of Israel

Jerusalem is a religious place sacred by all Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions. Millions of people visit the doors of Jerusalem every year. The history of Jerusalem began when Abraham met Melchizedek around 2000 BC.

There are various classical sites in Jerusalem that will give you a brief overview of Jerusalem. But in general, I need a few days to explore the beauty of Jerusalem.

You can hire a private tour guide at for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv tours to discover the rich and complex history of one of the oldest cities.

There is a beautiful open garden, Tayelet on the side of the mountain that offers a beautiful view of the old city, the Mount of Olives, and in the background of the Judean desert to the Dead Sea.

The valley beneath the mountain of Zion-David's tomb is called Gai-Ben-Hinnom, giving a beautiful view of the city and amazing places to gather.

Enter the old city through the Jaffa gate and enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of the market which are a mixture of tourist goods, spices and real markets.

The Sephardic Synagogue, the Western Wall Tunnel, the Tsidkiyahoo Cave, the Holy Sepulcher Church, the western wall, the Jewish area, bird's eye views, mammals, windmills, and refraining Emek are various beautiful sites in Jerusalem.

As you walk around the streets of the old city of Jerusalem this feels like home.

Visiting the Christian Holy Land Israel

Israel is the country that has religious significance for Christianity, Judaism and Muslim religions. It is the part of Jordan along with the Palestinian and Lebanese territories which are known as the Holy Land.

Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit israel private tours every year because of its famous religious and historical values. Most tourists who come to Israel explore and experience the extraordinary beauty of this amazing country and to have fun.

The city of Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel, is also considered to be the spiritual center of Judaism. Jewish worshipers gather, pray and reflect on the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Bethlehem city is the birthplace of Jesus and due to this reason, it is an important city for Christians.

The Old Testament, the Torah and the Qur'an mention many places and sites found in the Holy Land.

Famous tourist attractions in Jerusalem include the Old City, the Western Wall, and the Dead Sea. Various natural minerals and salts found in the Dead Sea attract visitors because of the value of the medicine.

Israel is known for its modern and contemporary lifestyle. Israel has pleasant weather all year long and travelers who come in the winter can enjoy sightseeing and visiting other interesting places in the country.a