Over the last few years, there has been increasing interest in CNG as a substitute for petrol and diesel for automotive. While the environmentalists, legal watchdogs and NGO’s are recommending CNG due to its environmental benefits. There’s also an economic interest for the Government as well as for the vehicle owners which is why they prefer installing CNG kits in their cars.

What is CNG?

This is a compressed form of gas used by most of the vehicles for running their engine. The CNG kit must be installed in the vehicle to run it on CNG. The major part of this kit is a cylinder that stores high-pressure gas. You can search for the best CNG dealer by searching the ‘CNG kit fitting near me’ on Google.

Environmental benefits of CNG

The fuel burns in every automobile to run it. In the case of petrol or diesel, many byproducts are released during burning that causes air pollution. CNG emits water vapor that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases in the air. The carbon monoxide emissions reduce by 60%, Methane organic gas by 87%, and ozone-producing by 90% with the use of CNG fuel. The data is sufficient enough to indicate how CNG is best from an ecological point of view.

How much does CNG cost?

The cost factor makes this environment-friendly gas more viable for automobile owners. In terms of yield, a 35.2oz of CNG is equal to 1.46 liters of petrol. The CNG is available at cheaper rates than any other fuel.