Refrigerated storage container hire means the leasing and purchase of cold storage containers, which may include;

• cold store/container

• Blast Freezer

• Meat rail portable cold storage

• mobile bar

• Pharmaceutical refrigeration

The container cold store is hard-wearing, sturdy, and has an easy-open “butcher door” clean stainless steel interior and electronic temperature recorder.  If you want to get the best mobile coolroom hire in perth visit

Refrigerated Storage Container Hire in Perth

They are available in a range of different sizes including;

• 18 straps: 38 straps: 58 straps

Cold store containers are available in grade a with standard specifications and are ideal for cold food storage, frozen food storage, defrost, and product tests.

Available sizes are;

• 4 palettes: 9 palettes: 19 palettes

Other types of refrigerated containers are often referred to as referees, and are refrigerated shipping containers used to transport frozen and chilled products and goods; They are an important part of the “cold chain”.

Cold chains are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries and some chemical shipments. They are extremely important in supplying vaccines that are supplied to distant locations in hot or hot climates.

Many pipe machines provided with all containers are covered by factory warranties, and some unauthorized work may reduce this guarantee cover. Any consequences of a reduced or reduced warranty will be in your customers’ account.

When there is any damage to the container that disrupts normal wear and tear, it is for customers’ accounts, and in no case should any changes be made to the container or its machines.

Refrigerated containers provide a great alternative to more expensive purpose-built walk-ins and quiet boxes. These types of containers are mobile and can be shipped to any location depending on the road system.

They can operate and maintain almost any temperature between minus 10 degrees F and 60 degrees F. Temperature control is straightforward and as simple as controlling the temperature of any family refrigerator.