Having a faulty lift within your multi storey building can pose a hazard to everyone affected. It can cause delays, distress and most importantly, threaten the safety of many people. If you happen to live in the southeastern part of Florida, then worry not. We will provide you a few lists of companies that provide services like elevator repair in Miami.

Determining how to spot a faulty lift is vital for you to know when to call the maintenance or repairmen. Spotting early signs can save you a great deal of money, time and distress. Always check if any unusual noises are coming from the lift, like loud screeching which is caused by damaged mechanisms. Additionally, take note of its speed. Once you notice the inconsistencies, you know it needs to be checked immediately. The most obvious sign would be the doors when one slightly opens or does not open at all. These are the basic signs of a damaged lift and immediate actions need to be taken to avoid worsening the situation.

The city of Miami is loaded with towering buildings. Consequently, several services focus on lift repairs. One of them is the Motion Elevator Inc, which is a private business running for twenty four years. It is rated A plus by the Better Business Bureau. Their services include preventive maintenance and repair on defective platforms.

The second next company is known for being constantly open for twenty four hours so you will not have any problem contacting them at night if ever there are any emergency repairs. This is the Advance Elevator Company. Who are known to always have a positive review from their clients and have been in the business for eight years.

Another famous corporation is the Central Elevator Company. Just like the one mentioned above, this business is also open all day and night and has been running for eight years as well. They specialize in lift installation, repair, design, and maintenance. They can fix any platform brands and types since they are not limited to fixing one brand.

The fourth one on the list can be found around the downtown part of the city. It is a business named Schindler. They focus on lifts, moving walks and escalators. Also known worldwide, this business has not failed to amuse their clients and continuously received positive reviews.

The fifth one is named the Dade Elevator Inspection and Consulting. They mainly partner with contractors along with private clients. For fourteen years in the business, they have successfully made a name for themselves. They are known to be responsible for more than half the inspections within the city.

Sixth on the list is called the Clark Elevator Service Co. They provide assistance and maintenance to both commercial and residential needs. All of their employees and crew are certified and have gone through proper training and evaluation. With more than twenty five years of experience and knowledge of this subject, they are more than qualified to help you with your problem.

Lastly is the Eastern Elevator Services Inc. Their business has been running for over twenty one years. They are a licensed contractor that offers maintenance, modernization, and repairs. Most of their products are designed to withstand different conditions and have proven to be effective for a long time and are cost efficient.