Sometimes when you think about buying a home, your first thought is to use the same agents who will help you sell your current home. This is usually a good idea because it makes the entire process less confusing and causes fewer problems in the long run. 

But what if you leave the area, even where it's only about 30 miles away? The answer is that you need to work with other agents who can help you find a home on the premises. You can get help from a professional real estate agent for rent archives – MyAfric

Top 6 Reasons You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent - Vogue Real Estate Australia

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Local agent:- Local agent will help you to get to know the area. There may be building costs or new HOAs for a particular neighborhood, which cities are growing, which businesses are hiring, and other useful information that you can really use to choose the best place to live.

They have local connections.

Take the electronic key:- To see a house, you must have access to enter through the front door. Previously, agents had keys that worked on every door. However, now all locks are electronic and only work for local real estate agents. 

If your agency doesn't have a compatible key for this local listing service, how can you see it? You're more likely to use a local trust company to get a house.

Know which area is more desirable:- If you want to find out the lowest priced house in the best area, you can't ask a realtor outside the area. Only experienced local agents can help you accurately find the best deals.