Estate planning attorney is widely practiced in all areas of the old law. It is their job to keep up with every intricate detail of the laws of the state and local, including amendments or changes. 

Estate planning and financial planning have many common concerns, including income tax planning, investment planning, insurance planning, and retirement planning. There are three main goals of estate planning:

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1. Maintain the wealth that has been passed down through generations before. You can check out Dana law agency in Mesa for getting more knowledge about estate laws.

2. Use as desired wealth during your lifetime.

3. Pass to your heirs the greatest possible amount of wealth in the appropriate form after your death.

There are some keywords that are unique to estate planning.

I will present them in more detail later, but I want to introduce them here.

Probate is the process of proving who has the right to acquire property if the person who died did not make that clear before his death.

Is a real testament of what is called if there is no will? Means will partially effective will not get rid of all the assets.

Three types of property classification is commonly used in estate planning:

Real property includes land and permanent improvements on the land.