Today, laminate kitchen countertops and  cabinets are available in several colors besides white. They're a great choice for modern kitchens with sleek looks, contemporary accents, and dramatic contrasting surfaces. 

They also offer other benefits for homeowners such as less chance of fading, increased scratch resistance, longer life and easier to clean. There are several laminate manufacturers in India that are renowned for manufacturing quality laminates. To get more information about the laminate manufacturers in India visit

laminate kitchen

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Kitchen cabinets and laminate worktop with a modern look

You plan on preparing meals in a modern kitchen. Laminate kitchen cabinets and countertops are great choices. Overall, cabinets make up 30 percent of the kitchen remodeling budget. You will fall in love with the shiny and modern look of the laminate.

It's no joke how many laminate cabinets and countertops have increased. Today, laminates are available in a variety of natural, realistic-looking patterns, from oak and fir to marble and granite. They are available in every color of the rainbow and beyond. 

Moreover, high pressure laminates are also available in matching strip or contrast strip strips on steel or aluminum brushes. This creates a unique and modern look. 

The advantages of lamination

Laminate is an artificial synthetic material that is placed on a base made of pressed wood. You can buy high or low pressure varieties. High pressure laminates offer higher quality, including better durability.

Laminate kitchen cabinets and countertops offer many advantages. Laminate can withstand intensive use. It is less prone to discoloration than UV rays. It has a uniform stain color, which makes the wardrobes look exactly the same. In addition, laminates are relatively easy to install.