Why do companies have human resource management within them? Why do they set up this function and sustain it? There could be many reasons for that but the most important one is because every company in this world is only as good as the people it has.

Each organization needs people to become operational and the right set of people to become great. Every firm has to rely on the expertise and that comes only with the workforce that joins. A good HR certification will share how that works and translates into real business results.

  • HR is needed for talent 

Every person who is hired usually meets the HR team first. Sometimes he or she meets the HR person later. Employee screening is critical, hence they are present at the entry point within the firm. It is also needed to ensure that there are best practices that can help to identify the right set of talent to be groomed for bigger roles, and the kind of interventions that are needed.

Employee screening

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  • HR is needed for business

Becoming a business partner means knowing what the business goals are and mapping the people goals to those. It also means tracking the performance of the people to make sure that they remain connected to the business at all times. This is a crucial responsibility and the reason for human resources management being so important in every organization.

The performance management and training processes are owned by HR along with the business or department heads. This is because HR actually carries out the gap analysis, keeps its ears to the ground to know the trends and ensures that the right processes are followed.

These are the three crucial dimensions of the role of human resource management. Some organizations might assign equal weightage to all three, while others will give one aspect more important than the rest.