Many people have heard, read, spoken, written, or signed documents with the phrase "intellectual property". But do they always know what intellectual property, or IP, is needed?

When starting with a new employer, there is often a confidentiality clause or document that includes an IP reference, usually stating that any thought created from work or at work belongs to the company. Most sign these documents and are not always sure of what they approve.

Intellectual property law covers a broad legal area, from trademarks and copyrights to inventions, designs, to creative aspects such as writing, music, and art. You can visit to know more about Real Estate Litigation.

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KI's legal practices can protect those who are creators of new ideas or designs or can defend the company with the KI clause in the contract.

For example, an intellectual property lawyer can help an investor or entrepreneur submit a patent for a new invention or submit letters for a trademark logo for the invention.

A singer or musician can work with an IP lawyer to file copyright to protect their rights in connection with recording the performance and sale of their works.

Because this field of legal practice is so broad and broad in scope, it is not uncommon for IP lawyers to specialize in IP practice.

Some lawyers may have an engineering degree or background that supports their understanding of the industrial part of the KI law and all the work and technical understanding that arises from the patent.

Other lawyers may have strong work and education experience in the fields of business, banking, non-profit, or performing arts, once again helping to better understand and practice the nuanced and specific aspects of trademarks, copyrights, and patent laws.