Solar energy has become the most impressive alternative energy source. This form of power is environmentally friendly and has limited the negative impact on the atmosphere and the overall natural environment.

It only requires sunlight so it is not as expensive as other alternative resources that require expensive natural resources such as fossil fuels. Solar energy is extracted from solar emissions. Cairns Solar Power Experts is the local solar expert company that helps in establishing a solar system in your house.

Solar energy is fully cost-effective and can be applied to several regions to develop energy. Many of these fields include:


Sunlight is very important for vegetation and consequently its energy is substantially applied to increase their production. Greenhouses need sunlight that is converted into heat.

Water heater

The water heating system uses electricity from the sun to heat water. The main types of solar water heating systems are glass-coated flat plates mainly used domestically and the unglazed plastic collectors that are used mostly in swimming pools.

Ventilation and temperature control

Thermal mass materials such as cement and water absorb solar radiation throughout the day to help keep the room cool. Assimilation energy will then be emitted in the building at night to increase the temperature of the room.

Water treatment

Solar distillation can be applied to detoxify saline water. Water is usually cleaned by exposing water in a polyethylene plastic bag to the sun.


Cooking can be done using a stove designed to use solar energy. Drying and pasteurization can also be achieved by using energy through the sun.