In dentistry, dental crowns are the best ridges of your teeth. If in some cases these components are damaged, cracked, or decayed, your dentist may recommend replacing them with synthetic covers or caps.

This synthetic teeth crown is attached to the tooth by a tooth cementation process. Made of various materials such as zirconium, porcelain, and even gold, can strengthen teeth and make them look better.

dental crown

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Of these three materials, zirconium gives your teeth the most natural look and texture – you won't feel the slightest crack if you bite into them.

Therefore, zirconium is your preferred choice for many dentists and can be used as a dental crown at the front of the mouth.

Metal crowns are more likely to be used on the back teeth because they are quite strong and allow you to bite and chew effectively. However, for aesthetic reasons, dental crowns are not preferred over anterior teeth for dental crowns.

You will be surprised that many men and women choose gold crowns, even front teeth, mainly because of the price difference that is less than you can imagine.

The traditional way of making dental crowns also includes the use of dental molds, such as making veneers or dentures. In this situation, a feeling of the bad tooth is made, not an entire set of teeth.