The Hebrew Bible is an instruction book for how to live life. It's the Book of Life. The Old Testament contains the novels that God gave to Moses and to afterward Prophets within a span of about 850 years from all over the time that Moses received the 10 Commandments at approximately 1313 BC.

The main audience of this Hebrew Bible is the Jewish people – the people to whom God gave it. It is a course that applies to all individuals. People from several faiths take the Bible as a sacred book. 

A number of its novels are historic, others are epic tales. A number of its novels are prayers others are prophecies, while some others nevertheless are legislation. You can visit the official website to discover interesting facts about bible history.

Who Wrote The Bible? This Is What The Actual Historical Evidence Says

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Every one of those books was written by a prophet – talking the words of God. A few of the prophets had a clearer and more intimate communion with God; these novels are somewhat more actually the words of God than many others.

Other prophets included Joshua, Samuel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, King David, King Solomon, Ezra that the Holy Priest and Several others. They wrote in their own fashion – understanding that the dreams that God gave them out of their personal context. Isaiah was born into a wealthy family and talked in much more eloquent and elaborate vocabulary than did Jeremiah. They often talked of the very same subjects – but with radically different fashions.