Whether it’s commercial or personal you can build, engineer, modify and project manage your vessel to your specifications or wishes. There are many factories which are Australia based with a pathway to a six-hundred-tonne travel lift and a fully lockup facility. They are curators in all types of aluminium fabrication – anything from a five meter fishing vessel to a fifty meter super yacht.

Not only do they specialize in new builds but these factories also offer the three R’s.

  • REPOWER: Altering or updating your drive line.
  • REFIT: Modernising your vessel with latest styling & Technologies.
  • REPAIR: Accident or Insurance repairs.

Aluminium Boat Manufacturers in Australia usually offers its services throughout Australia & internationally. They can work with your designer or they can design for you to achieve your specific desire.

What are Aluminium Fishing Boat

Versatile & Rugged, an aluminium fishing boat is ideal for any new beginners, navigate through fresh rugged waters, or go from a primitive or remote landing. Small aluminium fishing boats can be transported on the roof rack of an automobile.

Aluminium fishing boats come in three basic styles: Mod-V-Jon boats and Deep-V.

  • Jon Boats have a flat bottom & blunt bow and are especially popular use on smaller lake & rivers.
  • Mod-V style boats have a sharper hull shape at the bow & flat bottoms to better cut through water.
  • Deep-V boat has a very old profile, more V shape to the bottom, with a bow that comes to a point, and higher sides, suited for use in choppy water because ride will be drier & smoother. 

Select the kind of boat you need to serve you best.