Electric bicycles have been attracting a lot of attention. With their ease and convenience, these rides are becoming popular and are being preferred by people for travelling to work as well as for adventure purposes.

As opposed to pedal assist bikes, 1000w electric bike require less effort and help the rider go further than they would with their traditional bicycle. Not sure if you should buy this modern day ride? Here are few reasons why you should buy an electric bicycle:

Health Benefits

Many people think that an electric bicycle is for lazy people who do not want to exercise; however, it’s just the opposite! Electric bicycles are perfect for people who love exercising and want to keep themselves fit.

Have you ever started off cycling with health improvement intentions and haven’t been able to keep up with it? This is where electric bicycles help. You can pedal normally with this bike, and when tired, use the electric bike batteries to run the bicycle – as simple as that!

Save Money

In many states, electric bikes do not require a special license, registration or insurance. Although an electric bike costs more than a traditional pedal assisted bicycle, the maintenance and operational costs are lower than the traditional ones.

Greener than a Car

Even though an electric bike consumes electricity to operate, the consumption is still less as compared to the greenest cars. There are no fumes from an exhaust pipe, and if you are getting power from a green supplier, then an electric bike is a must buy!