There are a growing number of applications within the food industry turning to plastic pallet boxes for storage, transport, and general handling purposes.

The specialist company like Cooperage pallets & Boxes offers these versatile products, usually with the most commonly used dimensions of 1200x1000mm footprint either new or second hand, either on a direct sale basis or on a rental basis.

The box pallets are extremely durable, strong and made from high-density polyethylene and are fully recyclable at the end of their working life.

Plastic pallet boxes are included in the range of returnable transit equipment supplied by specialist companies throughout the UK. Many of these units are supplied into a range of sectors within the food industry as the product can be easily steam-cleaned for hygiene purposes.

Furthermore, specialist companies offer clients a total management service where not only will they rent RTE to you, but they can track it using their proprietary online asset tracking system Enable, they can arrange retrieval of the equipment and wash/sterilize it at their Measham wash site. The equipment is then returned to the client in what is known as an integrated loop system.

The plastic pallet boxes can be supplied in a number of colors with either closed or ventilated walls. Another, similar and even more versatile product is the collapsible pallet box – ideal for space-saving and highly cost-effective for transport costing. So with all of these benefits, there are many reasons for you to start thinking about plastic pallet boxes, there are many expert suppliers out there to help you.