After determining which eco friendly straw is ideal for you, there are numerous different factors to contemplate. Do you like thick smoothies? Cocktails? Can you travel a great deal? Do your children use straws?

Length & Width

It is likely to discover reusable straws in a selection of lengths and widths, from 5 to 12 inches long, and out of a quarter-inch to over a half-inch in diameter. A normal drinking straw is eight to 8.5 inches and 0.24 inches .

If you like smoothies, then pick a broader straw, between 0.30 to 0.36 inches . For oversize travel mugs and tall milkshake glasses, opt for extra-long straws, from eight to 12 inches. You can find the best reusable straws via various online sources. 

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Straight vs. Bend

Luckily, you frequently don't need to choose between directly or bendy reusable straws. Many manufacturers provide variety packs, such as many directly and slightly bent choices. The choice usually comes down to personal taste, as both kinds operate equally and are comparatively simple to wash.

One thing to think about is if you (or a loved one) will probably be sitting or lying in bed whilst drinking. For these people, bendy straws are often more comfortable to use.

Benefits of Cleaning

It is vital to wash all reusable straws completely. Most manufacturers incorporate a brushy straw cleaner, which divides the interior station. A couple of manufacturers make silicone straws that snap , which means that you can easily wash out the inside. Most metal, silicone, and glass straws are dishwasher friendly.