Molten glass is the art of melting glass in a planned (or random, if you like) way to create something new from the raw materials you started with. The idea is quite basic: they melt the glass. However, the options one has are limitless. You can make jewelry, beads, plates, wall art, bowls, and a million other things.

To get started, you need glass, an oven, and molds. Once the oven has heated up to the proper temperature, place the glass on the pan in any way you want and allow it to melt.If you are looking for fused glass art supplies visit

Making jewelry like pendants and beads is one of the most popular glass melting techniques. To create unique pendants, you must have unique molds. Since molds are generally made of ceramic or metal, it can be difficult to create them on your own, but there are many places on the web that offer many different options. When the glass is in its molten state, you can reach into the oven (carefully!) And spin the molten glass to create new designs.

Another cool thing to do with molten glass is to recycle old wine and liquor bottles to create something new. Since glass can be melted and reused many times, this is a great use for all the old wine bottles in your home. You can melt bottles in plates or bowls that will be useful for many years.

With a large collection of molds, you can make plates and bowls any shape and color you like. Glass plates are sturdier than the traditional ceramic glass plates that we are used to eating from. You can also create individual dishes for specific family members that will make dinner more fun. 

Once you have some experience in making glass plates and bowls, you will get consistency in shape and thickness. With this consistency, you can start making plate and bowl sets that would be great to sell on handmade websites like Etsy and 1000 Markets.