Frame is a very essential aspect to decide whether the glasses are beautiful, fashionable, and high quality. Color, shape, and beautification are part of a trendy frame. In this case, the stylish glasses must have outstanding benefits over the usual.

But when we go to buy a pair of New York glass frames, we can find them all look fabulous in a shop window, however, they really do not look fabulous on your face.

First, you must know your face shape well. You can look into the mirror with your hair pulled back to assess the shape of your face.

Then you can decide on the type of frame shape to fit the shape of your face properly. If your face is round, square and rectangular glasses both are the right choice, which can offset the curve of your face and make it look round.

If your face is heart-shaped, which means you have a wider forehead and narrow chin, narrow frames that have top and bottom width is highly recommended.

However, the type of style is not easy to find, so you can refer to the rimless spectacles or shape that has a round top and square bottom.

If your face is oval, almost all forms of glasses look good on you. So enjoy the different shapes and different colors on you, even you can try extravagant designer glasses.