A recruiter has years of experience in screening IT candidates and finds the most appropriate candidates for vacant IT positions. Merits of technical recruiting companies mainly relied on their recruiters. Recruiters are the power of a staffing company because they work hard to find the most appropriate candidate for the organization. 

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Being a technical recruiter is not an easy job. Someone needs to have special skills for this. The main responsibility of the recruiters is to understand the needs of IT positions. They need to understand what will be the responsibility of the candidate. They also need to understand the work culture of a particular business and in accordance to it, they have to find candidates who can be productive in such an atmosphere. 

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A recruiter needs to work closely with the HR department of the company and/or hiring manager. He also needs to have the technological knowledge to understand the technical skills of candidates and interviewed him.

A recruiter is also expected to be comfortable in any form, including in-person interviews, telephone, or video interviews. To carry out these tasks, a technical recruiter requires special skills. 

They must have good exposure to technology. A recruiter should have a good understanding of a particular technology so that he can specialize in recruiting candidates in that technology.

A recruiter needs to enjoy meeting and interacting with new people every day. A recruiter must meet various kinds of candidates and employers (client – business) day after day.