To optimize the health and production of birds, it is important to eat foods that maintain gut health and immunity. Various classes of feed additives are available for poultry nutritionists.

Raising healthy livestock is a key component of egg production and quality. Based on recent studies, the food metabolites in the yeast metabolite Diamond V optimize the health and effectiveness of the white and brown stem layers.

yeast metabolites in poultry

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The yeast nutrient metabolite formulated is the result of a distinctive bio-fermentation process. The patented anaerobic fermentation process produces a nutrient-rich and biologically complex product that includes fermented extracellular metabolites, and remaining Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells.

The end result is an excellent product containing many beneficial food metabolites. The main bioactive components include certain food proteins, metabolites, amino acids, vitamins, beta-glucans, and minerals. The efficiency of these components is not affected by temperature or extreme processing.

The combination of dietary metabolites in yeast-derived products improves bird health, balances the immune system as well as improves gut health and nutrient digestibility. The relationship between diet and the immune system is important for fighting invading pathogens and for optimal growth. 

The ideal immune system would have negligible "costs" in nutrition, rapid expansion, and effective clearance of pathogens, would not cause side damage (to healthy tissue), and would not reduce animal productivity.

So when deciding which yeast metabolite product to use, choose one that is made under the right conditions to be a consistently high-quality product rather than a byproduct of something else.