The value of the iPad cannot be underestimated. About 15 years ago Microsoft CEO Bill Gates discussed in an interview with PBS about the future of computers, the Internet and the possible shutdown of computers as we understood them at the time. And now almost everyone owns an ipad. 

The platform (PC or Mac) has ultimately given way to a seamless web-based portal where applications are available for users to rent rather than buy. Storage will be something the user will also "rent".  You can now also help your child learn better by getting ipads for schools via

Why the iPad Pro replaced my MacBook Pro for travel - TechRepublic

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Users will dive into this virtual fountain and insert or remove as little or as much as they need. This virtual interaction will take place without the user actually having to buy a "computer". What Gates described in 1997 was cloud-based computing. The device that would replace the "computer" had not yet been invented, but he saw it coming. 

In 1997, that futuristic prognosis seemed so distant. That distant day is here. Imagine a company that sells wholesale products to interior designers and home fashion retailers. Suppose you have 30 merchants (street warriors) each holding about a thousand 8 "x 10" glossy photos of their line that weigh over 25 pounds. 

Each set costs approximately $ 1.50 per photo ($ 1500). The fee for shipping a set via FedEx is $ 45.00 for standard overnight shipping. The production time of a set is approximately three days, of which 8 hours a day are printed on conventional color inkjets on glossy paper.