Today, nearly every customer and data-driven organization uses customer journey analysis or customer journey in French to understand customer needs and ultimately improve their purchases.

The customer journey tells the story of the customer experience, from the first contact to a long-term relationship. If you want to know about why consumer perception matter & how to improve it? read this article carefully.

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A better understanding of the new trends that have helped take customers on a seamless journey will benefit both retailers and consumers.

What is a customer journey or a customer survey?

The customer journey, or customer survey in French, is the entire buying process that a customer must follow to make a purchase, from generating ideas to paying for and accepting new orders.

The aim is to interact with customers at every phase and across all channels and media which allows them to better understand their wants and requirements and at the same time identify their repetitive behaviour in order to achieve a better customer experience.

The principle of the customer journey/customer journey was originally developed as a technique of managing the business "from the outside" to enhance the customer experience and to create lasting relationships with the latter.

A well-designed customer journey is reflected in the way companies use multiple channels to communicate with their customers. The interaction between the digital device and the point of contact between the lines is used at each phase of the process. Customer life cycle.

Here's a proven fact: 86% of customers are willing to spend more on a product that offers good customer experience.

The customer journey plays a key role in creating a positive experience. They arise directly from the feelings of the client and are therefore, an ideal tool for solving their problems.

It is very important to receive constant feedback from customers. By putting themselves in the shoes of customers, companies can respond to and exceed their expectations.