A few hours of walking or another exercise each week can help breast cancer sufferers live longer, say new researchers. In a study of nearly 3,000 women, those who exercised this amount were less likely to die from breast cancer than women who received less than 1 hour of physical activity each week.

Women who did a little more than that had the lowest risk of dying. Women who exercise more also have a lower risk of death, but not as low as middle-class women. Exercise and weight management can work together in an interesting way to stop breast cancer. Many breast cancer patients also get help from certified cancer exercise specialists such as https://www.thecancerspecialist.com/expand-your-skills-as-a-ces/ to get better health in the end.

Exercise is emerging as a balancing treatment for breast cancer as recent research shows that it can be done and can help control the negative psychological and physiological side effects associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Women with breast cancer should talk to their doctor about participating in an exercise program and get checked out to ensure safety and prescribe appropriate exercise. This is a common mistake in screening that focuses solely on cancer and ignores other health problems that can affect exercise programming.

Exercise is safe and effective for women with breast cancer. This population can show great progress in participating in a well-designed and consistent exercise program. Lastly, treating patients with breast cancer can be of great benefit to fitness professionals. Whatever exercise you choose, keep in mind that moving your body can help heal your mind and body.