Skin is the major unit of the human body, and it has many functions in our personality. The skin covering the area of our body is 17–21 square feet and is made up of 1/6 mass of the body. The dermis is referred to as the inner part of the skin while the epidermis is the portion between the outer part and subcutaneous fatty areas.

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The Amazing Facts About the Skin

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The thinnest surface of the thinnest layer of our body is located on the eyelids and the thickest part is the soles of the feet and the skin of the soles. The skin is recognized as a protective coat due to its waterproof feature and is an indestructible covering that protects our entire body.

The skin recovers on its own as the dead skin will turn off automatically and replace it with new skin occurring every 28 days. If there is a large amount of water in the body, then the skin is also made of large amounts of water.

The thin coating of the body causes disease because vitiligo occurs mostly in races, with most of the affected men and women being stripped. Stretch marks are marks that can be seen from the skin, thigh, thigh, and the person's lactation area.

When looking at the thin coating of body tone, it is consistent with a hereditary background and also changes from pink-tan to red-dark tan or dark brown. To assess the potential disorder of your own skin, do some skin examination yourself.

Tips to self-examination of your skin:

• Undress yourself and check your palms, forearms, and finger, then turn your hand and see the upper portion of the hand for possible blemishes.

• Face in the mirror, and study your entire body. Do this examination once a month.

• Remember that keeping your skin in moisture will keep your healthier skin.