Do you want to configure the Netgear router with the range extender? If yes, then read the steps mentioned in the blog post. There are two ways to configure the range extender with router one is via WPS and another via GUI.

Steps to reconfigure an existing extender are:

WPS: This is not valid on the WEP encryption type. If you want to use the WEP, then click on How to setup and login to Netgear Ex2700 or follow the instructions mentioned below:

Yes, there is a WPS feature available on the router, then press the button from both the devices simultaneously. When the lights blink, it means the pairing is done.

  • Wait till the lights get stable.
  • If the LEDs are still blinking, then wait for a while and check if the connection becomes stable or not.
  • The router and extender support the same frequencies, so keep them the same on both the devices.
  • Change the location of the extender and place it nearby the router.

Using Genie user interface

  1. Reset extender by pressing the reset button with the paper clip or sharp tip.
  2. After the resetting process gets completed, you can start connecting the devices to the default SSID.
  3. Go to the ‘Extender setup page’ by entering the IP address of your range extender in the URL field.
  4. Enter details asked in the form.
  5. Click ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

Important: If there is AP mode in the extender, then select the type of account from the extender settings.

  • The extender will now search for an available home wireless network.
  • Click to enter the details in the Gateway field.
  • Press ‘Next’.
  • If there is 5GHz frequency support in your range extender, then select it.
  • Enter the password for the home wireless network.
  • Tap ‘Next’ and enter the SSID and password. If the details are not working, then ‘Troubleshoot Netgear wifi extender for login credentials.
  • Once the details are entered successfully, you can start connecting the Wi-Fi devices to it.

After implementing the steps mentioned above, you can connect the router to the Netgear extender. If you need support or assistance further, then contact My Wi-Fi ext. experts.