There have been several developments that have taken place in terms of the principles of website design, and as time advanced, it has evolved. You can now easily get in touch with the best web development agency in Melbourne which was once a difficult task. 

5 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

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The first page was just plain black text that was submitted to a website as a web page. In earlier days, there was no use of color or other graphics and even photos and videos were only seen after a few years on a website. 

Only in the 90s was the incorporation of color text and photographs in a website interface achieved. The website seemed almost like a colorful brochure with all the colorful experiments and colorful photos and sketches in it, only in the late nineties. 

Online Popularity:- More internet demand has opened the way for more and more designers to create good and appealing websites for their customers. When the number of individuals who wished to make the most of online business mushroomed, so the market for successful and competent web design programmers continued to balloon. 

To have excellent and eye-catching websites built, many individuals began to pay decent sums to web designers and the internet world was never the same again. While the principles of HTML, DHTML and Flash were used to conduct web design works. There were some constraints on coding as well as image representation with the table design that really created a hindrance in the smooth development of websites.