A mixer shower is a kind of shower that has the power to create hot, cold or mix of both waters to accomplish the desired temperature levels once you receive a shower. This sort of shower has been previously used and discovered in health centers and spas because of its health benefits. 

Due to the various benefits it provides to customers, an increasing number of individuals purchase and integrate it into their bathrooms and shower locations. There are various companies like methven from where you can get a high quality waipori shower mixer.

shower mixer

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Mixer shower come in Various forms:

Manual toilet shower – As its name suggests this kind is manually controlled so you can't balance the desired temperature level you desire.

Thermostatic bath shower – It's a sort of shower typically found in schools, hospitals and open spaces. It's built in a stabilizer that may create a constant water temperature degree. It has the power to generate cold and hot water also has the capacity to automatically correct water temperature and pressure.

Stress balanced – As its name implies this kind has the power to create and also to equilibrium water pressure, but not differences in water temperature.


Mixer showers are highly favored by homeowners and individuals because of its capacity to match and also to combine with unique themes and styles of baths, while it's timeless, traditional, modern or contemporary. It may be mounted easily in your bathroom walls.

It's the ideal selection for homeowners with nominal budget since it's cheap and can blend nicely with different toilet layouts. With mixer showers, then you are able to combine hot and cold water and can modulate the water flow to reach the desirable level and water temperature.