If you consider yourself a beginner in the field of currency trading, then you need a currency trading platform. You cannot settle for anything you find online. You should get one that best suits your skill level right now. Interested? These are some of the features of the trading programs that will benefit you as a new trader in the FX world.

Automated with advisors. Platforms like the best mobile forex trading app are already automated. This means that you can set your preferences and then leave the software running. You will be alerted if a trend in trading meets your preferences. This automation allows you to do other things like office work and commerce at the same time. The platform must also be able to use "expert advisors", which are additional tools that help you analyze trends.

Support of a broker. Some people say that it doesn't matter where you download your forex trading platform. After all, it's the same software, right? Not really. If you are a beginner in this trade, it is recommended that you get your free platform from a broker.

A brokerage firm will be able to offer you support not only when it comes to the platform, but also when it comes to trading. You can ask questions related to your trading account. The customer service team will be happy to help you, as in their eyes you are a potential customer.

It has a mobile application. Today, everything has a mobile version. This is convenient as you can do the things you usually do on a computer on your mobile phone. However, be careful because not all trading platforms already have an app for mobile devices. MetaTrader 4 has an iPhone application, which means that you can trade only with your smartphone in hand. You no longer need to stop trading just because you can't be near your computer or laptop.