As humans, we have a tendency to look for validation and appreciation even for small tasks that we do. Similarly, for social media marketers, validation for social media platforms is essential. Most social media platforms are now turning to marketing and profile page.

Therefore, they introduced a brand or a celebrity verification. The account verification label set on a higher bar for the general population. Here is a guide for people who want to make their business verified through Instagram and increase their sales:

  • Large Follower Base

Having a large number of followers is the most important criteria to get verified. If you have a significant number of followers, then it means you've made your mark on Instagram.

You must have a very good picture and maintain the quality of your content by posting relevant and interesting photos and videos. use hashtags to reach millions of users that will help you to build instagram organically.

  • Mark Footprints on Instagram

To collect highly coveted verification badge on Instagram, it is also important to be verified by other social media platforms as well. Interestingly, there is no guarantee that getting verified on Facebook will make you famous in the Instagram but it certainly helps to boost your page.

  • Never leave your profile incomplete

It is important to really reveal your identity, and the actual name of the company. Make sure you provide all the relevant details about yourself, your profile, including your business website link. Try to connect your Instagram platform with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It basically helps people to believe in your account and accept it as one of the authentic.