Tattoo removal techniques are performed to remove an unwanted permanent tattoo from the skin. Some tattoo removal treatments are invasive that can hurt and damage your skin.

The non-invasive tattoo removal techniques dont hurt the skin and cause irritation or infection after the treatment. The cost of removing any permanent tattoo varies. The basic price is  $200 and can go up to to $ 600 to $1000.


The different ways and treatments to remove a permanent tattoo from the skin

Laser tattoo removal techniques: Laser tattoo removal method is the most commonly used technique in which laser energy is used to heat the pigment of the tattoo. Heat brakes the layer of ink into small particles so that tattoo can be removed easily. A Laser heat makes the tattoo removal process easy and fast.

Dermabrasion tattoo removal treatment: Dermabrasion is quite similar to a very old tattoo removal procedure named salabrasion. Because in dermabrasion treatments, a  rotating tool is used to remove the upper layer of skin. Dermabrasion is an invasive method and causes pain during and after the treatment. The healing process is also very long compared to other tattoo removal techniques

Tattoo removal creams: Tattoo removal creams are so cost-effective and painless treatment to remove a tattoo from the skin. But sometimes creams take too much long time to remove the tattoo completely from the skin. In some cases creams only lighten or make the tattoo less visible because it depends on the pigment and skin type.