The most common reason for forwarding home phone numbers to cellphones is to cancel your cable / internet services related to you without losing the home phone number that you have for years. You can easily know about call forwarding landline to cell via

This allows people to:

  1. Save it
  2. Move the house
  3. Lost less calls

If you are not sure how to do this, don't worry, this article breaks it in a way that functions for any provider.

Step 1: Check if your number meets the requirements

Use our feasibility check to quickly confirm that your home phone number can be forwarded or transferred to the existing cellphone. Results are available instantly.

Step 2: Select the provider to transfer your number

You have to move your home phone number to a new provider to save it. You have several choices here. Regardless of who you choose, these are some useful things to remember:

Availability – Does the provider offer number transfer options?

Costs – is the cost of a lower service than your current land bill?

Ease of use – Does the provider make it easy to complete the process?

Step 3: Move the number

The final step is to choose how you want to move your home phone number. The two most popular options are:

  1. Forward the home phone number to your cellphone right now
  2. Put a number on a new cellphone – like an old school flip phone.