Physical therapy is a treatment of process to preserve, restore and recover physical function and movement threatened or impaired by injury, disability or disease that makes use of physical modalities such as electrotherapy and massage, therapeutic exercise and patient training and education instead of surgery and drugs.

The aim of physical therapy is to help you restore your ability to use your body without pain and with the maximum range of motion, strength, and flexibility. With the help of sports rehabilitation therapy exercises many patients find they can return to normal activities faster and with less if there are problems related to the injury.

If your doctor recommends physical therapy after an injury or illness, for maximum results use the maximum recommended resources.

Physical exercise therapy is an innovative practice that arises when "normal" means to treat sports-related injuries seem insufficient to return athletics to the game, in the minimum amount of time and pain-free. Many times when surgery is prescribed athletic still have pain and loss of range of motion and reduced strength.

This approach allows patients to live an active lifestyle while physical sports therapists develop exercises and techniques to encourage physical activity. There are various kinds of diseases that can be helped by physical therapy.

Many patients experience loss of motion and stiffness after undergoing surgery, exercise or not. Physical exercise therapy helps reduce postoperative pain increasing your range of motion and accelerating overall healing. This exercise also helps you return to doing normal things every day; faster and less pain.

If a patient is an athlete and wants to rebuild their activities, a sports physical therapist can help patients take a preventative training program to limit the possibility of further injury.