Following the poisonous sting, within minutes, the patient collapses suddenly, with grave symptoms and signs of poisoning. If he does not collapse at once, beware, he is likely to collapse any time during the next half an hour, depending on the extent of the poison absorbed.

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The severity of the various symptoms and signs, described below, may vary with the species of the scorpion.

Since scorpion venom is known to cause an injurious effect on the various vital systems of the body.

The patient develops many types of serious problems pertaining to several organs of the body. It appears as if the patient is suffering from various lethal diseases at the same time.

The patient becomes markedly restless and shows signs of drowsiness, and may even become unconscious. He may also complain of marked palpitation and difficulty in breathing, or breathlessness. There may be such profuse sweating that it may look like the patient is bathing in his own sweat. Also, there is excessive salivation or lacrimation – excessive flow of water / tears from the eyes.

Soon the heart may become irregular, and the patient may complain of pain in the chest, as in the case of a heart attack. Lungs too soon become flooded with fluids (pulmonary oedema), and the fluid in the lungs may be so much that a pink-coloured froth may start flowing out of the patient's mouth and nostrils.

Blood pressure may be elevated to a very high degree in some cases.

All these fluctuations and multiple system involvement make the condition of the patient not only grave but also make its management highly difficult and complicated, even in a well-equipped hospital with intensive care unit (ICU) facilities, not to speak of peripheral health centres/hospitals, where facilities are bound to be inadequate.