Shaping or sculpting basic clothes and garments can drastically change a person's appearance in the blink of an eye. Your belly plate, big butt or fat thighs can "magically" disappear. Give it a sleek silhouette without ever going to the gym. Who doesn't want that?

To take the definition even further, a body shaper is any outfit you wear to create the illusion of a flatter, slimmer body. These are also called belts, pantyhose, body magic, etc. You can buy waist trainer via

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The only fact that matters for body shaping is – it's guaranteed to give you a slimmer look wherever you need it – for a while! Are you wondering how does body shaping work? Now the science behind shaping your body is when you use it properly.

The body formulator simply transfers fat to the space where muscles are compressed. On the other hand, fat is flattened in the fat area which is more desirable than just sitting in the middle. The main benefits of wearing these specially designed body-shaping underwear can be summarized as follows:

The appearance that forms the body is instantly thinner

Undoubtedly, wearing good quality clothes can help reduce your physical appearance.

Getting a better look is easy

With people deciding within the first few seconds of a meeting whether they like you or not. Body formulators help you make that important first impression for everyone!

Invisible under clothes

Thanks to the advanced microfiber construction of the Lycra-based fabric that forms this underwear, the resulting material transparency makes it practically invisible under clothing.