When trying to determine how many wallpapers to buy, there are a number of things to consider. The first thing is to determine or find out the size of the wallpaper roll purchased. The length and width of the roll are important.

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The standard width of most wall coverings is twenty-one inches and the standard length of rolls is thirty-three feet long. Sometimes wall coverings will come in nonstandard sizes. To determine how much is needed, first measure the wall.

Measure from the ceiling to the baseboard, take the number and divide it by the length of the roll. This will give the number of pieces that can be cut from the roll. Next, you will want to measure distances around the entire room, leaving doors and windows.

This will tell you how much width you will enter the room. This amount divided by the wall length of the roll will give you how many rolls will be needed. You must add extra space to the windows and doors.

Another consideration is the use of patterns on wallpaper. In some cases there needs to be an addition to take into account the way the pattern is printed repeatedly and as stated before extra for door and window space.

Always make sure you look at the wallpaper before hanging it and compare the rolls together to ensure that they fit correctly.