There are many herbs you can smoke, not just marijuana and hemp. These herbs are dried and preserved before being sold in the market.

As each herb has its own therapeutic properties, providers make it a unique blend of herbs and mix different herbs to make the product stronger. You can get in touch with product providers by simply visiting their official sites.

Which Herbal Can You Smoke?

Let's get to know the common herbs that are usually found in combination.


Hemp and cannabis (also called cannabis or weed) belong to the same cannabis family, Cannabaceae. Marijuana is high in THC, while hemp is high in CBD.

Of the two, hemp flower is the most commonly used ingredient in smoked herbal blends.


Mulberry is another type of smoked herb. It adds flavour to herbal blends while also helping to maintain lung health.

Raspberry leaf

Often used as the main ingredient in many herbal products for smoking, raspberry leaves add flavour and aroma to the mixture. It also has properties that improve the function of the reproductive organs.

Red Red

Rumen, another herb you can smoke, has a mild psychoactive effect. It is known to cause a trance-like calm state.

Mint leaves

Mint gives the herbal mix a mint kick. It is known to stimulate the mind and revitalize the body.


Lavender is also a popular herb for smoking and gives the herbal mixture a floral aroma and sweet taste. Smoking lavender improves mood and refreshes the mind.

White roseroot

White rose root makes the herbal mixture smoke softer and smoother. It also makes the smoke taste sweeter. Marigold root is known to suppress appetite and reduce inflammation.


Like marijuana, cat food has a powerful and refreshing effect that lifts your spirits. People often smoke catnip as an alternative to marijuana.