Quran is the complete code of life; it's the advice towards darkness to light. If we give ourselves a thought process and learn Quran (you can learn Quran online too ), we'll get acquainted with the facts and reality.

Islam is the faith that understands the needs of human beings, if we compare the contemporary management concepts with Islam, we'll get to understand that Islam fulfills them all at best. For learning quran for starters you can opt for the options.

The first managerial problem is known as"Soldiering", soldiering is something when folks underperform in their workplace. This underperforming is deliberate; folks do work of 3 hours 4 hours just due to soldiers.

In regards to Islam that the soldiering comes from Satan and Allah (SWT) is the person who comes up with the solution.

Satan insists individuals not work hard for their benefits, he's the person who makes people lazy, and this is the perfect illustration of soldiering. Now the modern management states the solution for soldiering is motivation.

Likewise, Allah Ta'ala gives a growing number of rewards to the men and women that are the sufferer of soldiering.

There's a Hadith that says the Allah Ta'ala loves that form the most who reaches in Salah when everybody else is tired enough to endure.

The question is that if Allah (SWT) has such a powerful reward policy then why folks get tempted towards bad.