There are many forms and specializations of psychotherapy. Some are designed to address specific conditions, but most are general problems, addressing personal and psychological issues from different angles. When psychotherapy initially developed as psychoanalysis in the late nineteenth century, it was in a way a unique phenomenon.

Forms of speech therapy have, of course, probably existed for as long as humans have the power to speak. However, there has never been a systematic, formalized approach to helping people overcome their difficulties and psychological disorders. You can also get this specialized treatment plan by visiting sites like

The 19th century saw the apogee of the industrial revolution. This has resulted in phenomenal changes in the order and structure of society. The transition from agrarian work to factory work has attracted a considerable number of people from rural life and communities to cities where they did not have a family or community as such.

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The development of efficient rail systems has considerably accelerated this process. Feelings of alienation and isolation despite being surrounded by people have become the norm. Without the support of parents or a united community, traditional ways of sharing the psychological burden have been cut off for most people.

Organized religions offered a form of community and support, but larger congregations meant that church leaders had less time for individuals. Many people may even have settled in a city where their religion was little or not present.

This was the case for many Irish emigrants from port cities such as Dublin to English factory towns in search of work. Catholic immigrants would have discovered that the presence of their church in Britain had not yet recovered from the reform centuries before.