The decision to buy a swimming pool is to have more opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family. But while the swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment during the swimming season, it also require sustained maintenance and care all over the year.

A swimming pool cover can help reduce maintenance and care of both time and monetary expenses. You can search online to get the automatic pool reels/covers.

Swimming pool blankets are very effective in keeping the leaves and garbage out of the swimming pool. Some types of cover are particularly considered for this reason, such as “debris and leaves“ cover.

Covers can be put in place by the end of the swimming season and remained there during the winter, constantly keeping the pool clean and save hours of time cleaning owner.

A solar pool blanket is like a thick bubble wrap and also help to keep trash out of the pool. While their main advantage is to stop evaporation and increase water temperature, if they are properly installed they can greatly contribute to keep the pool clean too.

In both cases the amount of time saved in maintaining a clean pool is significant.

Solar blanket blanket is also very good to give and preserve warmth in the pool. Depending on how much sun the pool receives during the day, solar blanket cover can increase the temperature of the pool up to 8 degrees Celsius.