Today almost every construction site you see may have a backhoe or mini backhoe. The main use of the backhoe and dig is to dig up hard, compact material, usually earth, or to lift heavy loads, such as a sewer box. It can lift this material and drop it in a pile to the side of the hole. Some of the most reputable company that manufactures backhoe Case is CE, Caterpillar Inc., Volvo, Komatsu, and Ford Motor Company.

Road rollers used for compacting concrete, dirt, or gravel. You may even see the road roller compacting garbage landfill. Although gasoline-powered road roller which in some parts of the world they are called steam roller. All parts of these machines are easily available.  you can get from online company Komatsu part

Crane used to lift and was first discovered by the ancient Greeks. The first crane is certainly not supported by the massive machine but by men or animals such as donkeys. Crane comes in different types. Some of the more popular types of truck-mounted cranes, floating cranes (used to build the bridge), tower crane and rough terrain crane.

A drilling machine or a drilling rig is used to make the hole. Some industry drilling rig is used in water well drilling, oil well drilling, and diamond drilling. drilling rig can be small enough that they can be moved by just one person. There is a big rig that has the ability to drill thousands of meters into the earth.

Bulldozer used to drive large amounts of debris, sand, or dirt. Several bulldozers used in the military who have protective armor that protects the driver from enemy fire.