When was the last time you saw your parking space? You have to see it – from the perspective of customers, visitors or residents?

For many businesses, parking lots are often not in many facility managers or property owner radars – until that becomes a problem. If your customer or tenant starts complaining, or worse, does not return to your facility due to poor repair of your parking space, you have a big problem.

Determine Your Needs

Here's a shortlist of a few things that you and your asphalt paving contractor in Charlotte, NC should be aware of in your parking area:


Does driving in your parking lot feel like you're on a bumpy dirt road? Potholes cause exceptional wear and tear on vehicles and are a safety hazard for pedestrians. They are also a sign that water is seeping under the asphalt pavement through cracks caused by traffic wear.

Drainage problems:

Does water sit in your parking lot after a rainstorm? Do you often have to strategically jump across large puddles just to reach the sidewalk or get in and out of your car? Your paving contractor can evaluate the drainage problem and fix this drainage problem.

Traffic Signs Fade:

Is your parking line visible? Can pedestrians and car drivers clearly see crossings and other traffic markers such as stop lines? To maximize the best number of parking spaces, your asphalt contractor can design and install an acceptable traffic flow and striping line layout to meet your business needs.