Parachute cords also known as parachute cords or 550 are lightweight nylon cords that were first popularized during World War 2 as the material of choice for the US parachute suspension line.

 Soldiers found themselves with limited resources soon realizing the benefits of paracord surgery and the unlimited use of inner strands and outer sheaths.

The initial design function of paracord was in parachute construction. Each line of paracord is made of unidirectional filament nylon shroud which includes seven strong inner nylon straps. Each paracord line has tensile strength tested to 550 pounds and is designed to last. You can buy paracord jigs from various web sources.

paracod jigs

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Every single mil-spec strand of parachute cable is tested up to 550 pounds and is very lightweight and flexible making it an ideal ribbon for use in parachutes. Imagine a cable line that has not been cut.

For More than Just Parachutes

The Paracord is designed for use in parachutes due to its high strength. No camping equipment would be complete without this flexible cable length. Parachute ribbons can be used in survival situations for everything from collecting food to building shelter; the inner core can be woven and used as a fishing line.

Many uses can come with this amazing cable is unlimited. However, be careful of what you get when you make a purchase. Paracord commercial market completely inferior to paracord military specifications. Commercial market cables usually only test around 300 pounds and have one core nylon core.