If you're searching for a parachute cord you have lots of options nowadays. It is available in a wonderful variety of colors from olive drab (for all those military fans!) Too bright, neon choices (for both kids and kids at heart) It is used for any variety of functions from creating paracord lanyards to bracelets and key fobs. In fact, the only constraint to what it could do is your own imagination! You can also buy paracord in wholesale through https://www.theparacordstore.com/.

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If you feel the title of the cord doesn't have anything to do with its own function, consider again. Although it's currently available at different places on the world wide web, parachute cord was mainly used as the suspension lines for parachutes.

Parachute Cord or 550 Paracord

You may also hear this substance known as 550 Paracord. It received that title due to its tinsel power, the number of pounds it could hold without breaking up. In cases like this, the most rugged of those wires can suspend 550 lbs.

You might even utilize these individual threads should you have to sew equipment or clothing in a crisis. Not only can it be handy, but it is extremely strong also. And that will provide you confidence as you keep your actions!

Some may wonder why parachute cable has gotten so common in recent decades. Along with the uses, toddlers and sportsmen have discovered for this, it's in need as the substance from which to create personalized customized lanyards, paracord bracelets, key fobs, powerful holders for gadgets, knives in addition to decorative and robust zipper pulls.