If you like all things stylish and timeless, then you've probably already considered buying an opus 88 fountain pen. But you should know all the small details that make a fountain pen glamorous; First of all, they are not very easy to use and require some practice. 

Not everyone has time to use them. The old pens were even worse and required a well to be dipped in ink. If you buy opus 88 fountain pen online with a nib, you will don't have to worry about it. These opus 88 pens come with small plastic containers that you need to attach to the nib inside the pen. 

 Opus 88 Fountain Pen

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Once the container dries, you remove the pen, take it out, throw it away, and do a new experiment. Another option would be to use a syringe or eyedropper to refill and the empty container would be more ink than an ink well.

However, you should be careful with nibs, as they can be more difficult to use than opus 88 fountain pens. For example, you should always leave your pen standing in front of the nib. Writing these pens actually requires the use of gravity. 

If you make it flat, especially when the ink is running low, the ink can dry out and clog the nib, giving it useless. Also, if you make it flat, the ink can move back towards the container and you will have to wait about twenty minutes with the pen in its correct position to let the ink flow.