Should all middle school students be on a college road? Absolutely! Middle school students are too young to make a choice or choose a path passing the university of their future.

Studies confirm that the earlier a pupil sets a goal for university, the more likely that it will reach this goal. How can you motivate a middle school student to get on, and stay on a college's way? To get more information about middle school in the Netherlands, you may go through

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Connection: Too many young students have put off the idea of voluntarily submitting to four years of study after graduating from high school. Teach students about the unlimited benefits of college life.

Show students the link between college education and the capacity to achieve and get the things they aspire in their lives.

Familiarization: The college path can be daunting! Take the time to introduce middle school students to the college path terminology and basic concepts. Stir terms related to college in their vocabulary.

Visualization. Visualization is one of the best ways to create motivation. Seeing you reach a goal, it is more likely you will achieve.

Plan lessons and activities that help students see themselves as future college students. Campus tour, watch a college game, take a college mascot, choose a college to learn, and have students wear the colors of the college.

Intermediate classes play a crucial role in the national goal of graduating all high school students prepared for college, civic life, and career.