Vacuum packed foods will always look fresh than other storage methods, apart from canning. Ordinary plastic film, airtight containers, sheets, and even zip lock bags cannot preserve food, and vacuum sealing. Why is that?

Food gets ripened after exposure to oxygen. Fruits, vegetables, meats and begin to spoil after a certain period of time because they were exposed to air. You can get good quality Food Packaging Machines & Packaging Equipment at Barnco.

Mold and bacteria often develop, leaving junk food because of the change of smell, color, and texture of it. Sometimes the bacteria can grow without the presence of air, but the mold does not grow without oxygen.

When you vacuum packs your food, what you do is actually eliminate air from the bag. Once the air is removed, the mold and some bacteria, are unable to live or grow.

Over time, however, the food you keep could spoil if not frozen or refrigerated. If you seal your food while it is very cool, and store it properly, it will last longer than if you had used another method of storage.

Other storage methods allow oxygen to slip through tiny openings. Loosely pack your food and put it in the refrigerator can save your food for so long.

Even if you use a sealed container with air, oxygen which is left inside the container may be sufficient for mold and other bacteria to grow and spoil your food. Look this way, oxygen Eats mold to survive and develop. If you do not feed oxygen, it will die.