The temperature in your grow room is very essential for your marijuana plant photosynthesis. For example, low temperatures decrease evaporation through the leaves. The result is that the force of suction, which takes up nutrients through roots, becomes smaller. Nutrients are needed, but not absorbed, still in the growing medium and finally disappear in the root environment.

High acidity in the growth medium reduces the work that makes the roots of plants absorb less water and nutrients, and can even halt growth. So what is posed as external imperfections small at first, can have serious consequences in a completely different part of the plant. Therefore it is very essential to use good climate control systems in your grow room

The temperature in your marijuana grow room

The temperature in the grow room depends on several factors. The place of your room in the construction is an essential one; in the basement, it was a lot colder than in the attic with a flat roof.

In addition, the size of your room, the airflow, the amount of light and extraction levels play an essential role. Keep this in mind when building your grow room. You can measure the temperature in the cannabis grow room with a thermometer.

There are an analog and digital thermometer, and they are sold everywhere for a few dollars. For better results, you can opt for automation for marijuana grow room software.