If you're looking for great swimwear, there are plenty of alternatives. A swimsuit bikini is one of the most desirable options, but if you're a little understated and shy, you probably don't want to show off too much skin. The good news is you can find two-piece bikinis that offer a lot of coverage and help you look great. Here are some great alternatives to try when you want to wear a bikini swimsuit, wanting a simpler look.

A great option that modest women can enjoy is a bikini with a boy's shorts. Boys shorts cover more than many bikini jeans on the market so you no longer have to worry about showing your back. There are also alternatives to long-waisted bikini swimwear that include plank shorts that cover a little more than most other bikini options.

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Another great idea if you're a little understated is a bikini that has skirt bottoms. The skirt looks flirty and sensual and offers a little more protection in this area. The hipsters that come with the hipsters also cover a little more than most bikinis. Tankini is a really good idea and if you're not ready for a bikini yet, you might want to try a monokini as it offers a little more protection while looking really hot in the process.

You may find that once you get used to some of the simpler bikini options, you'll want to stick with something bolder. It's easy to find bikinis that offer less coverage when you're ready to move on. Don't start too soon and only wear a bathing suit that relaxes you.