While holding the family meeting about bad credit, you will have to get everyone to participate in the discussion, and think together on solutions. Some people might offer to take on overtime or a second job; some would look for cheaper insurance quotes. But make sure everyone has a task to complete.

Get in touch with your creditors

You will need to get balances of all the family credit, including credit cards, loans, car finance and mortgage. Look what is causing the most problem, and prioritize the commitments. You will need to make sure that you are scheduling the repayment dates after the main pay date. See what you are paying the most interest on, and set up a plan to pay it off first. You can also apply small credit without schufa via https://www.afinu.de/kleinkredit/ (also known as “kleinkredit ohne schufa über https://www.afinu.de/kleinkredit/” in German language

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 Look for cheaper products

You can also shop around cheaper credit products to replace your existing one. Make sure that you are checking the main earners’ credit rating before making applications. You might also look for cheaper services, utility providers and insurance deals.

Set up goals

The best way to become debt free is to stick to a tight budget and pay off credit earlier. Make sure you and your family agree in a goal and a reward on completion. This can be a day out, a family weekend or holiday.