From start to finish, there are several key stages involved in the workplace design process. Professional interior designers use their experience and experience to systematically follow all key phases to complete projects on time and within budget.

Here are the typical steps to follow when working on an interior design project:

1) Programming: This phase collects client briefings, including their requirements, interior designer cost estimations, and timeframe for the project.

After the brief description of the client has been understood, the spatial requirements of various office facilities such as workplaces, receptions, cafes, conference rooms, and other rooms are analyzed.

The designer must consider several factors including the number of people in the room, the general purpose of the room, and the furnishings, lighting, lighting, and HVAC requirements for each area.

2) Concept development: In this phase, the ideas are presented in the form of sketches. The concept of each is illustrated using a site master plan, simple heights, rough sections, and floor plans.

In formulating the concept, building standards and building regulations are also taken into account. The sketch also includes dimensions to provide a project cost estimate.

3) Design development:

The circuit diagrams completed during concept development are further developed in this phase. Floor plans, sections, and views are designed with the right dimensions.

More importantly, the designs include additional details including window and door locations, colors, materials, finish options, furniture, and more. The final design is then presented to the customer and their approval is received.

With their industry experience, technical knowledge, and team skills, a professional office furniture service provider is ideally positioned to meet your office furniture needs. Whether it's an office renovation or remodeling, they can assist you in all phases of interior design.